How to use the service?

  1. Search products listed, and compare with prices you are paying at present. 
  2. Pick the products you require, or receive from your Vet.
  3. Contact us by phone on 028 8952 1208 or 028 8952 1144 or email, and let us explain the new legal categories to you. We will be able to tell you what you need prescriptions for. A product classified as POM-V can only be supplied on receipt of a prescription from a Vet. A product classified as POM-VPS may be supplied by a vet OR A PHARMACIST, in accordance with a prescription FROM EITHER THE VET OR PHARMACIST. NFA-VPS and AVM-GSL products can be supplied without prescription.
  4. You can fax an order to 028 8952 1255, but nothing will be dispatched until we have original prescription in hand. Faxing an order allows us to have stock ready for receipt of prescription so there is no delay.
  5. Delivery on orders up to £135 (before VAT) will be charged at a flat rate of £10 + VAT. Delivery on orders over £135 (before VAT) is FREE (unfortunately we cannot deliver to the Channel Islands.)
  6. There is a £10 special delivery charge per order on items which need to be delivered chilled.
  7. All Prices shown are ex-VAT.

Credit card refunds will be processed within 14 days from date of order.